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Soft Tissue Grafting: When, Why, How and by Whom? (AGD SPECIAL)


September 22, 2020


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3 CE Credits Description: This course is designed to review current concepts of soft tissue grafting. This lecture discusses answers to the clini...

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An Insight of 'Immediate Placement and Immediate Loading from Simple to Complex' Case Selection and Management

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Implant therapy is routinely recommended for patients requiring tooth replacement. This therapy can provide a highly successful restoration of both function and aesthetics. With such an increase in demand in procedures comes a desire to simplify the experience in regards to case selection and management. Loading protocols for the dental implant treatment from simple to complex cases have been widely discussed in the dental literature. Case selection, initial implant stability, implant surface characteristics, bone quality, bone healing, interim prosthesis design, occlusion pattern and the amount of micro motion during the healing phase have been identified as influential factors in successfully achieving osseointegration with modified loading protocols. What happens when case selection for immediate placement/loading is not ideal? Fortunately, treatment planning and proper case selection using the advance diagnostics tools have been developed over the past years, which allow us to predictably select cases for immediate placement and immediate loading. Dr. Baig’s lecture will provide you with an overview and insight of loading protocols and techniques and their indications using an evidence-based approach and case-based presentations.


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Monday September 10th, 2012, 06:00pm - 09:00pm


$65.00 plus taxes


Prosthodontic Associates Centre for Excellence - 2300 Yonge Street Suite 901 (Yonge & Eglinton)


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