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Implant Treatment: Surgical Post Operative Complications and Solutions

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Challenges and complications can be encountered at all phases of implant therapy.  The immediate post-operative period is particularly rich in the probability of untoward clinical events.  Sequelae and complications encountered here are similar to post-operative surgical experiences encountered in other fields of dentistry.  However, the placement of an implant can also lead to specific challenges and complications that are directly associated with the surgical intervention of implant placement.  Both routine, minor sequelae and rare, severe complications will be addressed.  Although post-surgical surgical sequelae and complications will take up the bulk of the presentation, the inter-relationship with the prosthodontic management of the patient will also be addressed.



1)      To review normal post-operative sequelae of a surgical intervention (bleeding, bruising, swelling, pain) and their biological basis

2)      To review post-operative sequelae of particular relevance to implant surgery (e.g., altered sensation, incision line opening, infection, insufficient clearance for the transitional prosthesis)

3)      To highlight the management of the post-surgical sequelae and complications


4)      Discuss which clinical post-operative presentations are normal, which require close follow-up or further investigation, and which require a direct intervention to permit a positive implant treatment outcome.  



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Wednesday May 18th, 2016, 06:00pm - 09:00pm


$99.00 plus taxes


2300 Yonge Street #901


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