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September 16, 2020


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3 CE Credits Course Description: The regeneration of tooth-supporting structures which have been lost as a consequence of periodontal diseas...

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Introduction to Occlusion (2011)

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Course Description Occlusion and occlusal concepts are very important in the practice of dentistry. Yet, they are often imperfectly understood and incorrectly applied in clinical practice. The limited amount of clinical research in this field, conflicting terminologies, and strong religious convictions appear to hamper progress in understanding occlusion. This introductory lecture will review the fundamental concepts and highlight their clinical use and relevance. Course Objectives: 1) to review concepts of Centric Occlusion, Centric Relation, and Maximum Intercuspation and their clinical relevance 2) to review the relationship of occlusion to periodontics 3) to review the concepts of Fremitus, Occlusal Trauma, and Pathologic Migration and their clinical relevance 4) to review the concept of Vertical Dimension of Occlusion and different methods of its determination 5) to review static and dynamic concepts of occlusion 6) to review the differences in Occlusal Schemes used in fixed and removable prosthodontics 7) to review the Occlusal Schemes used in implant prosthodontics 8) to review the differences between Conformative and Reorganized Occlusion 9) to review the use of Facebows and their clinical relevance


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Tuesday June 28th, 2011, 06:00pm - 09:00pm


$65.00 plus taxes


2300 Yonge Street, Unit 901 - PACE


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