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Management of the Completely Edentulous Patient: Reconciling a Diagnosis with the most Appropriate Treatment Intervention

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Completely edentulous patients present to general practitioners’ offices at different stages in the predictable process of residual ridge resorption. This presentation describes the Prosthodontic Diagnostic Index (PDI), developed by the American College of Prosthodontists for completely edentulous patients, and reviews a variety of treatment alternatives, supported by evidence, that are suitable for the management of these patients. Objectives; 1.To provide a diagnostic framework for general practitioners to manage completely edentulous patients 2.To review the best clinical evidence to support a variety of treatment options in the management of completely edentulous patients 3.To provide clinicians with a usable educational tool to inform our patients on the broad spectrum of viable and evidence-based treatment alternatives available in the management of the completely edentulous patient


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Wednesday June 3rd, 2009, 06:00pm - 09:00pm


$65.00 plus taxes


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