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Periodontal Regeneration: What’s in your Toolbox?


September 16, 2020


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3 CE Credits Course Description: The regeneration of tooth-supporting structures which have been lost as a consequence of periodontal diseas...

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Newer Ceramics in the Aesthetic Zone; “Conventional and CAD/CAM” for Teeth and Implants

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In dentistry, we have a long history of contributing to the needs of patients by offering dental restorative and prosthetic devices such as crowns, fixed partial dentures (FPDs) or implants. Due to the increased demand for safe and aesthetically pleasing dental materials, new high-strength ceramic materials have been recently introduced as materials for dental devices. A new sophisticated solution to this is the introduction of computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) technology. Advantages of all-ceramic materials over traditional metal-ceramics include their tooth-resembling color and enamel-like translucency. The main shortcoming is their inferior load-bearing capacity compared to metals. As a consequence, they have traditionally been applied in areas of lower loading forces. High-strength ceramics like impress, zirconia and lithium disilicate (e-max) have the potential to be applied as an alternative material to metal for the fabrication of crowns, core material, and implant abutments. With a wide range of newer materials the decision-making process for material selection becomes a challenge. Newer advancements in material properties with supported by long term studies allow us to choose materials predictably. Dr. Baig’s lecture will provide you with an overview and insight of newer materials and their indications using an evidence-based approach and case-based presentations.


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Tuesday October 23rd, 2012, 06:00pm - 09:00pm


$65.00 plus taxes


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