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Soft Tissue Grafting: When, Why, How and by Whom? (AGD SPECIAL)


September 22, 2020


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3 CE Credits Description: This course is designed to review current concepts of soft tissue grafting. This lecture discusses answers to the clini...

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Suturing Techniques: Basic Dento-Alveolar and Implant Surgery * HANDS ON COURSE (3 CDE CREDITS)

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Course Description

The ability to design, raise, and close the flap is a key sequence of steps called upon in a variety of surgical procedures. Suturing aims to achieve tension-free closure by promary or secondary intention to enhance healing and aesthetic parameters while minimizing risks of complications. Successful clinical outcomes are achieved through the merger of sound technical execution with solid understanding of biological principles. This presentation will aim to develop participants' technical suturing skills through a hands-on-exercise. Common clinical suturing errors and their prevention will also be reviewed. 

Course Objectives:

1. To review surgical armamentarium, including neede drivers and suture/needle types and sizes. 

2. To review basic flap design principles and placement of horizontal and vertical incisions. 

3. To review the interrelationship between planned closure technique and flap design. 

4. To review tension-free flap closure and means of achieving it. 

5. To review primary suturing sequences and methods. 

6. To review common errors in flap design and suturing. 



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Wednesday January 18th, 2017, 06:00pm - 09:00pm


$199.00 plus taxes


2300 Yonge Street #901


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