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What Every General Practitioner Should Know About Early Diagnosis, Treatment and/or Referral of Patients with Orthodontic Problems (3 CDE CREDITS)

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Course Description

The success of an orthodontic treatment largely depends on early diagnosis, proper evaluation and execution on behalf of the clinician and patient's motivation and compliance.  Unfortunately, due to the complexity and multifactorial etiology of orthodontic problems, it is often too difficult for the general dentist to identify at an early stage orthodontic problems that must be addressed earlier than later.  This presentation will focus on early recognition of specific dentoalveolar, skeletal and/or neuromuscular findings and signs that may require early treatment or early referral to the orthodontic specialist.

Course Objectives:

1.       To facilitate the ability of the general practitioner or specialist to assess, identify and evaluate the need for early intervention on young or adult patients.

2.       To help with recognition of an orthodontic condition that requires early initiation of treatment which will be more effective, successful and easier for both the clinician and the patient especially in cases that involve growth discrepancies.

3.       To provide the clinician with a relatively simple overview of signs that may effect dentoalveolar, skeletal, neuromuscular and environmental status and development.

4. To reduce the number of diagnostic errors that may significantly compromise the success and outcome of the orthodontic treatment.


After being in practice since 1982, Dr. Metaxas still believes that his is the best job ever, and that he is one of the most fortunate individuals to be involved with a working environment that is simply put - fun! Dr. Metaxas is very proud of their entire wonderful team of professionals that make the whole office function as a family. Along with his partner, Dr. Metaxas is focused on bringing to the office a combined orthodontic experience obtained from two different educational environments. This allows Dr. Metaxas and his superb team of professionals to share and interact with each patient at any stage of treatment, creating a positive experience for patients and achieving excellent lasting results.


Dr. Metaxas has been serving the orthodontic needs of patients in Toronto and the surrounding communities since 1982. His extensive education has led him around the world, and provided a great deal of training from some of the top orthodontic institutions.


Monday October 30th, 2017, 06:00pm - 09:00pm


$99.00 plus taxes


2300 Yonge Street, #901


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